Bad week

Just so you all know this is sad post. Monday morning started good then the farm manager ended leaving early to go to the hospital as she was not feeling well. She thankfully she got to go home tonight. But then last night Tuesday I got a call from my friend that lives at theContinue reading “Bad week”

Long day

Goodness it was a long day today I got to the farm at 9:30am and things were just a normal day then things changed lol. Cleaning, waters, cleaning, we brought in moms & babies, we fed moms babies, we started feeding then stopped because the vet got there to check mom and the baby thatContinue reading “Long day”

Over the rain

Rain rain and more rain. Today was a niceish day but I had no time to go work with Blue because it was dentist day and eye exam and new glasses day for me. I know that in general having my eyes checked and picking out new glasses is easy and no reason to notContinue reading “Over the rain”

Not feeling it

This morning I woke up and it was one of those mornings that I was just not feeling like even getting out of bed or my pj’s I just wanted to get back in bed and relax but life was calling me. I plotted around the house like I had plenty of time on myContinue reading “Not feeling it”

Not for sale

Today after I was done cleaning and brushing Blue and I walking to the barn when I was asked my one of the quarter horse people that come to the farm to use the track if I work at the farm I said yes but not on Sundays I only come to take care ofContinue reading “Not for sale”

Blue Sunday

So all of you know unless you are new to reading my blog that my horse’s name is Blue. Today was all about Blue so I decided to call today ( All things Blue Sunday ) So this was my day ( Today was all things Blue Sunday My husband and myself went and cleanedContinue reading “Blue Sunday”

Stocked up

Today is mine and my husbands Anniversary Eve lol I got up this morning and got ready and went to see my new therapist for the first time and she was amazing I felt good about seeing her, by the way ( PTSD sucks ). Then I came home and we took some lasagna toContinue reading “Stocked up”

Easter Sunday

First I would like to wish everyone a Happy & Blessed Easter may you have much joy in what the Lord did for us and His Resurrection ❤ Now our Easter morning was spent with the horses notice I said horses with an S lol yep we are now part owners of this handsome boyContinue reading “Easter Sunday”

LOL Fell

Well today didn’t go as planned lol I got to the farm and first, the shavings never got delivered thank goodness Blue had plenty of shavings so I was able to just pick it till tomorrow and they put in a call again telling them it was never delivered. Then we decided to ride BlueContinue reading “LOL Fell”


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