Blue goodies

Today was my day off from the farm and my farm friend takes care of Blue for me on Fridays so I have one day each week to get things done that don’t get done the rest of the week. Yesterday I got Blue a saddle it’s really nice I will post a picture of it tomorrow but tonight my husband took me to Coastal and we got a blue saddle pad ( it had to be blue lol ) and some saddle soap and a bag of his grain even though I don’t need the grain right now it sales out fast so we got it while it was still in stock lol. I realized today that yesterday I let myself get in my own way you see I get panic attacks because of my PTSD and when I got on Blue yesterday I panicked not because I was scared to ride him but because I was being watched by all my friends that were so happy for me and I went into flight mode I had to get out of the spotlight I was almost in tears. I let myself ruin my first ride even though I know I still had a lot of my farm waters to do I let that be my reason for getting off Blue but then later I realized what I did I was still in panic mode hours later and I didn’t even know it till it started to leave my system. So now after Blue gets his teeth checked I will ride him again and not let it get ruined by Me. I know my friends were just happy for me and I have to remember that for next time. We might try to ride him with a hackamore and see how he does. I found out last night that the lady I bought him from didn’t have much time to ride him so he also might need some freshening up on what I need him to do while riding. Here is a picture of what I got him tonight ( Not in the picture I got a clear cover for the saddle. ) Have a wonderful blessed night and weekend ❤

3 thoughts on “Blue goodies

  1. AWWW, I wouldn’t worry about your anxieties and totally understand how hard that would be to have everyone watching and when your in the moment you just have to do what you did the best you can. Just remember the best parts even though your anxiety was so high, you still did really well and Blue was a star!! Maybe a bitless bridle or hackamore may be something he will like. I was wondering how much riding had been done with him, maybe not much at all and still look how good he was for you for the very first time!! 💞

    I love your blue new saddle pad!! Horse shopping is the best! ❤️🐴❤️

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    1. Thank you! You would be surprised how many people don’t understand that kind of anxiety your kind words mean a lot ❤ I am going to clean the saddle tomorrow or maybe Sunday since tomorrow I also do waters. Now he has a new blue harness, lead rope, his bridle she gave me is blue and now saddle pad lol I think I am going blue crazy lol

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      1. My favorite color is blue!! Might as well go blue crazy and I can tell you for sure that you are not the first horse crazy gal with all matching color everything!! Haha, most horse people have everything matching! I’m sorta an anomaly as my stuff is more on the eclectic side with lots of different colors! 🤠🤩

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