Saddle Day

I did it I got a saddle today, I do need to get a saddle pad but the farm manager let me use hers today. It’s a very nice saddle I will take a picture of it on Saturday. Truthfully I didn’t ride too long because I still needed to do more than half the farm waters still. I found out the other day that it’s been a few years since Blue has had his teeth floated and the trainer at the farm took a peek at his teeth and said it looks like his back teeth I forgot the name of the tooth is rather long and might be bothering him and that might be why he was really biting on the bit and any time you wanted him to go forward he would pull and go backward. He was a good boy but seemed like he was not happy with the bit and it is the bridle she used for him so it’s not like it’s a new one that he is not used to. On Feb,15th the vet will be out to check his teeth so I will not ride him or put his bridle on him till I know what may need to be done for him. Here is a picture from today. 😀

2 thoughts on “Saddle Day

  1. What a beautiful photo of you riding your boy! 💙 The saddle looks great and you look so good on him. YAY!!
    But I totally understand him needing his teeth floated. And it could be what was bothering him. I know you aren’t in any hurry and while you wait till the 15th you’ll just keep bonding and getting to know him more each day. How EXCITING!! ❤️🐴❤️

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