My sweet Blue

Ok Ok Please don’t pay any attention to how bad I look in these pictures lol I had been cleaning and watering Blue’s stall and filling hay nets. As you can see my shirt was to big on me lol and the hose won the war when it splattered me when filling water buckets lol. So tomorrow is the day ( Saddle day ) a friends friend is bring over a couple saddles to see if one of them fits Blue if so I will have a saddle because after all the money I have put of this month I just can’t spent eleven hundred on a used saddle so this one will be about 3 hundred and that is a big difference. I can’t wait to ride Blue hoping it will be tomorrow. When I am driving to and from the farm all the time I always see horses that are boarded horses but I never see anyone riding them and my brain just does not understand why someone would own a horse and never ride it. I am here biting at the bit lol pun intended lol to ride Blue. Here are the pictures and hoping I have some of me riding Blue tomorrow. 😀

One thought on “My sweet Blue

  1. How EXCITING!! I hope one fits so you can ride him. He’s such a handsome boy, I just Love his colors and his beautiful face. And yes, you sure had a wrestle with the hose! 🤣 But look fine. And who cares as it’s all good!! Have a great ride! ❤️🐴❤️

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