My work boots

So when I first started going to the farm the only thing I did was walk around and love the horses and give the grass and carrots I was not there for any other reason horses help my PTSD so that is why I was there and I just wore my tennis shoes and it was April so they really didn’t get dirty. Then one day I was asked if I wanted to do a job I was very happy to do it so I started getting fresh shavings for the paddocks while they were dumping the dirty cart when there got back I would have a new cart full of shavings for them and I was then wearing my old tennis shoes. And after a short time, I started to help clean the paddocks and we both would empty and get shavings it was fun lots of talking and laughing while working. I did all that till about the middle of Summer and then one day I was asked if I would want to do the waters I again was very happy to do that I would get to see every horse on the farm instead of just the paddocks we cleaned so I was very happy doing the waters. I still do the waters but now fall hit and well fall in this state means the rain is here and some days it would rain so much that your feet would get stuck in the mud lol I got some rain boots but the sides of them let water in and my feet got wet. So I went on the hunt for muck boots Every place was sold out because of the weather ( I guess everyone needed new ones lol ) So I found some of the ( Bogs boots ) I love them no more wet feet and they even kept my feet warm in the snow and ice this winter. Ok, so I know this is a strange post about boots lol but I feel these boots have saved my feet so if you work at a farm and deal with muddy winter weather and cold winter weather do yourself a favor and invest in good work boots. So can you see where my pants hit my boots when I am standing lol and then I got home late this afternoon it was not my watering day but I ended up being there later than normal and I had to go back 2 hours later so I never took my boots off lol so the next picture is my still dirty boots while relaxing to watch tv till I went to back to feed Blue tonight because my friend that lives on-site was not home today or tonight to feed him for me like normal. I know I know strange post but that’s ok lol Have a blessed night.

One thought on “My work boots

  1. I love your work boots and yes, I can see how over time of doing more there you would need a nice pair to keep your feet dry! 🤠🐴❤️ This is a great post!! 💞

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