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Latest from the Blog

Saddle Day

I did it I got a saddle today, I do need to get a saddle pad but the farm manager let me use hers today. It’s a very nice saddle I will take a picture of it on Saturday. Truthfully I didn’t ride too long because I still needed to do more than half theContinue reading “Saddle Day”

My sweet Blue

Ok Ok Please don’t pay any attention to how bad I look in these pictures lol I had been cleaning and watering Blue’s stall and filling hay nets. As you can see my shirt was to big on me lol and the hose won the war when it splattered me when filling water buckets lol.Continue reading “My sweet Blue”

My work boots

So when I first started going to the farm the only thing I did was walk around and love the horses and give the grass and carrots I was not there for any other reason horses help my PTSD so that is why I was there and I just wore my tennis shoes and itContinue reading “My work boots”

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