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So I thought I would share something. I am by no means a dr of any kind but yesterday when I went to see my therapist whom I see because I had an abusive childhood and I live with PTSD because of it. Anyway, she gave me such wonderful advice because the breathing techniques don’tContinue reading “Helpful”


Life is good and I love when I see things that give me such happiness. Flowers, my husband being on vacation for a full 9 days, and my Blue among so many other things. Sometimes we just need to look past all the ugly going on in the world and look for the beauty inContinue reading “Happiness”

So much stuff

It’s been crazy lately where to even start lol. Well, I guess I will start with last Sunday we had 21 horses come to the farm for 2 days yep just 2 days lol. The horses were on their way to Canada for a horse show and contacted the farm to see about making aContinue reading “So much stuff”

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